Multicolor Jug Traveling Menorah
Multicolor Jug Traveling Menorah

by Avi Biron, Multicolor Jug Traveling Menorah

by Avi Biron

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Anodized aluminum jug shape menorah
With a small jug of oil that was found in the Temple cellars still with the High Priest's seal on it, the Temple liberators managed to light the Temple Menorah for eight days until a new pure oil supply arrived from the Galilee. When assembled, this colorful multi-piece design shows the jug with a seal (at the top) and bands indicating the oil that was consumed each day. When disassembled, eight small lampholders are created together with a Shamash (kindling light). The lampholders can be arranged in ascending order of size representing the idea of "Ma'ale U'mosif" (ascend and add). This design is particularly attractive for children as a Chanuka game. The lampholders accommodate standard candles and glass inserts.

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